We are humans. One of a kind. Much more advanced than any other species on the earth. Much more civilized. Much more refined. But what actually makes us who we are? It is emotions. Sadness brings about tears, happiness bring a smile on our face, love makes us feel elated, pain makes us writhe in agony, hate makes us burn. It is actually emotions and the manner in which we express them that makes us that bit special from every other living being on this planet!

When you look at life from a deeper perspective, it will be evident that whatever action one does is based on emotions and one’s state of mind. When one is sad ,one only thinks about the negative aspects of his life, no matter how small they are, foregoing the bigger and much more evident positive aspects. When one is happy, one enjoys company, forgets about the problems in his/her life and most importantly has fun!

On a personal level, emotions spur me to move on and on. They motivate me to constantly analyse my decisions.

It is often said that the head and the heart should work together to take better decisions.  The reason is that the heart feels (emotional thinker), whereas the head thinks (logical thinker). And when the heart feels, nothing is bad or wrong. The sole objective of the heart is to love everything that comes its way, even the negative emotions. So, it’s the logical thinker’s responsibility to help the emotional thinker to acknowledge and understand emotions. And when logic and emotion are hand in hand one is unstoppable and can reach wherever one want to! Be it trying to be the best in what one does or anything else for that matter

Being driven by emotions is perhaps the most fulfilling manner to enjoy life! The highs and lows of being emotional are totally worth all the pain and suffering that you have to go through!

Life is all about little things that make a big impact on one’s life. Little things that forever change the way a person thinks. The way he behaves. His sense of dressing, eating or what not for that matter! Which is all a result of the emotional experience of that particular person!

A person who is has been hurt by a loved one will be a broken man for at least a short period of time! He/ She will have a broken gait, little will for communication, perhaps little or no taste for food. On the other hand just think about a person who has perhaps just got the job offer of his life! Just try to think of the feelings he must be going through! Pure joy, elation and bliss!

That is what effect emotion can have on you! They can make you or they can break you.

How you take them in your stride defines who you currently are and how far you will reach!

Always Express yourself. Don’t cower down from expressing yourself just because you think that you may be wrong! And if you indeed are wrong, an apology will do you no harm! Rather it will give you an entirely new learning experience.

Sadly, in today’s materialistic and fast-paced world, expressing one’s feelings or emotions is often considered weak, or foolish. But, it should also be known that the inability to express one’s feelings is a facet of emotional immaturity.

Simply  because we decide to quell our emotions rather than express them, and the only reason certain emotions (for e.g. anger or grief) become a problem is because they’re not properly dealt with. Dealing with emotions is nothing but really allowing yourself to feel the emotions as and when they arise within us. When we feel angry, we should allow ourselves to feel that anger, and vent it out in some form or the other, without causing any harm to others, or oneself.

Some ways to do this are punching a pillow, breaking a few things (of course not the head and bones of others, or for that matter yourself! 🙂 ) But, if you are not comfortable with any of these, then there is a better alternative – penning your feelings down (in a diary perhaps!), or the modern alternative – typing your emotions, like I’ve been trying to do! Of course, these are not the only ways in which you can express emotions! Even relating to a song and singing it out can lead to a huge reduction in stress levels!

Be mental, be sentimental. Do not care how others think of you. It is your life and you have full rights to live it howsoever you want to. Enjoy each and every moment!  Move ahead every second! Let go of ego and attitude!! Let go of forced control!

Last but not the least be emotional, express yourself. Because that is the best way to live. At least in my opinion 🙂

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart!

Helen Keller

Cheers people!