These past few weeks have been kinda strange and weird. From the expectaion  of enjoying a huge 2.5 month semester break at home to the realization that sitting at home and doing nothing is no fun at all to finally getting bored and  wasting my day on Facebook, Whatsapp and FIFA14, I have actually come to miss college and its thrills! Staying up late night and doing all kinds of weird stuff, to waking up 10 mins before class and still reaching on time, I was never expecting I’d miss college so much. In fact during the last few days of hostel and college, I was planning and thinking about the enormous number of things that I would be doing while at home. In fact, thinking about it, I felt so happy when I finally got the results of the last exam paper and packed up all my stuff, ready to go home! Honestly, it is surprising how short periods of time can change our outlook towards any situation!

I can truly and honestly tell you,my dear reader, that having nothing to do gives rise to all kinds of thoughts! Some which come with the general flow of one’s existence,thoughts which are systematic and pertaining to the general nature of the person and some totally irrelevant thoughts, weird thoughts which crowd the mind randomly and give rise to even more such thoughts! One such totally random thought crowding my mind since the last few hours has been one about how fickle we, our opinions and our thoughts are!

Our thoughts, wants,desires and whatever else are so fickle! One moment we want something, the next moment we achieve it and the moment after that, we just realise that it has no significance in our lives!

One moment you think about the impact of some phenomenon X in your life, the next moment perhaps you may be thinking of something totally irrelevant to that the second before!

One moment you admire the cool winds that the rain brings with it and the next moment you are cursing the rain for ruining your plan of roaming about with your friends!

Life is indeed strange, isn’t it?

When you actually look around at your surroundings and also while you introspect, you will see how fickle things actually are. The place where you live, the college you go in, the people you associate yourself with, the type of song you listen, your beliefs, all change with time! Nothing that we have in life is permanent. Everything that we have, everything that is around us, every situation, it all changes with time!

Similar is our idea of happiness. Do what we may, we can never be happy for more than a certain period of time! It is always the case of a finding something new just after achieving one of your goals. Its always a case of achieving one thing after another!

It is human tendencey to always try and achieve a higher state of comfort that the one we currently are in. To always strive to improve ones standard. That is what makes us loose the true notion of happiness!

Happiness, in a few simple words, can be defined as enjoying “moments” in life! It does NOT mean that one needs to have a constant smile on one’s face. No one can be in an eternal state of happiness. Its all about the comfort of a person in context to a particular situation. For some, happiness may be talking to loved ones throughout the day, for some happiness may be getting to eat a cheese burst pizza daily, for others happiness may just be finding a new song to listen to! For some, happiness relates to having people to share their adventures with whereas for some, it may be living a solo adventure! Happiness is all relative and totally depends on the perspective we see it in!

However, there are some things we confuse happiness with! For one, happiness does not mean that one’s life is picture perfect! It is a trap to think that we will be truly happy only when we have everything that we have set out to achieve because our list of wants is one which will never end,  as I stated before.

Happiness is entirely self love. When we live in a pure sense of self love, we can achieve sustainable happiness since it is the internal feeling of being wanted, of abundance, that reflect back into our life in the form of purpose driven work, freedom and fulfilling and happy relationships.

In short, self love leads one on a fast track to “happy” living and healing!

What we need to do is shift our perception so that we can always enjoy the small moments in life and continually remind ourselves that nothing is fixed in life and whatever happens with us  happens for a reason!

Only then can we achieve freedom, our true potential and actual happiness!

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure, not this thing nor that, but simply growth!


Cheers! Enjoy!😃