As I was going through the morning papers, I came across the heading “CBSE Class 12 Board Exam results to be declared today.” And then, my mind went back to flashback mode, the result of which is today’s blog.

One day after flunking the most important exams of my life (aka JEE Advanced) the board exam results were to be declared. Scared as I was of the disaster (trust me, it is one when you have been working hard for it) of the previous day, I was still pretty much confident that the board results wouldn’t disappoint me. And it didn’t. I scored 97.8%. And for CBSE, I guess that is pretty commendable 😉 . And at that moment I thought I had achieved something “big” in life. But that couldn’t be further from the truth right now!

In hindsight though it is a completely different story! I can tell you for sure that the result isn’t worth a single penny to me now. Yes, it provided me a platform, made me relatively “famous”, made my family proud of me, made some people envious and some happy. But no, in reality, it does NOT matter.

For a day or two, the hype does sustain. The first word that comes out of every person you meet is “Beta, how much did you score?” or “Beta, your friend told me you scored X%. Well done! What do you plan to pursue?” Something that is very much irritating, since you know that the queue of Questions doesn’t end here. You just can’t tell someone “Uncle/Aunty I scored X% in my board exams” and walk away since it will be considered socially “unacceptable” and you will be branded arrogant and rude. From asking what you want to pursue as a career to asking which competitive exams you have applied for, the galore of questions wont seem to end, at least for a while!

And the worst thing is people always judge you on a relative basis with (no guesses) that Sharma Ji ka beta, who friggin topped the board exams in your locality! And not to mention one’s relatives who are always eager to know how you have performed and suggest you numerous colleges and streams based on the marks you obtain!!

It seems as if the world was made just to discuss marks marks and more marks and gossip about you and your performance!!!!!!

The first thing that we Indians need to do is stop comparing ourselves with someone else out there. How can one expect the Little finger be the same as the Middle finger?  Everyone is unique in his/her own way and no two people are the same! The second thing that we need to do is stop judging people on the basis of the marks they obtain! Had marks been all that mattered in the world then perhaps Microsoft and Facebook may never have been founded! Perhaps Bill Gates would still be working at a part time and Zuckerberg still trying to complete his Harvard degree.  Their founders pursued their dreams and not marks! Heck, they even dropped out of college !

You know what guys; college is this wonderful place which makes things crystal clear ! It is perhaps the best place you can actually use your intellect to know more about yourself and the world around you.

If you ask me what was the most important thing I learnt in my First Year, my answer would be:

“The basic mantra for being successful in life is consistency. Be consistent and you will definitely succeed.”

If the results aren’t according to your expectation, there is no need to feel sad. All your hard work will pay off. Just give it some time!. And if you have done well, then remember, be consistent, don’t let this success be a one off!  This is just the beginning of your journey.

The best thing about life is that it gives you innumerable opportunities to prove yourself. Always be assured that there is an opportunity waiting for you in the flanks. And in today’s world it is innovation and dedication that gets you noticed and makes you visible to the world. And if you do put your heart in what you want to achieve, you are bound to get it sooner or later!

Marks don’t matter. Heart and effort does. If anyone says otherwise, you always have the option to ignore their opinions!

Do what you love. Love what you do. Have fun!

Success is sure to follow.

This is the success mantra of the current CEO of Apple Inc.,Tim Cook!

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Stay Inquisitive. Stay Humble.

Have a Great Day!