Thinking is an incredible activity. It is a continuous process that takes place in our brain right from the time we are born , until the time we die.

Scientists say that we never stop having the words move through our minds. The fascinating thing about thinking is that a stream of 1300-1800 words flows through our mind per minute while we think! Even when we are asleep, a flow of words is streaming around inside of us, which gives rise to the dreams and thought one often has while sleeping!

Our thoughts are the single most important physical item in determining our destiny. How we think  and what we think dictates how we feel and how we react to situations in life. That, in turn, determines our success or failure.
What is thinking?

It is basically our mind talking to ourselves. Every human being is constantly talking to themselves – they just don’t usually do it out loud. Everyone has both negative and positive fleeting thoughts, be it how grumpy your teacher is or how beautiful your crush looks on a particular day. In short ,you know the kind. They just seem to come into our mind from nowhere. These are not the thoughts that will effect our destiny.

If it is just in and out there is no lasting impression and result, but if we choose to spend time dwelling or meditating about the thought then it becomes a part of who we are and will impact our lives for better or worse.


Why is it necessary to think?

Our brain has this incredible ability to evaluate and manipulate facts and data and form a rough estimate of what is true and what is false. We make decisions based on the data which we have and they may often be inaccurate and misleading. This may often lead to errors, miscommunication and a total breakdown in understanding and relationships.

Our emotions are the opposite. They cannot evaluate facts. They simply react to what the mind tells them is true.

Lets say, you are back in school. Unexpectedly you are called to the Principal’s office. Your mind evaluates the information and tells your emotions – “Boy, you are in trouble!.” Instantly, the butterflies in the stomach start, your legs move slower, fear wells up in your heart.

When you get to the principal’s office you find out he just wanted to appreciate you for taking the time to teach the underpriviledged section of students in the school.

So, what really happened?

Your mind fed your emotions misinformation and your emotions simply reacted.

Had Copernicus followed the general belief, then perhaps even today we would have considered the solar system to be Geocentric and not Heliocentric as he proved it correctly! Had  Newton not questioned the reason for the Apple falling down and not floating up into the sky, perhaps we could never have discovered this incredulous phenomenon called gravitation. Had the Wright brothers not thought differently, we would never have arrived at the modern-day jet planes and fighter planes, some of which travel at supersonic speeds.

My point here, being that always thinking within a set of rules and bounds doesn’t help you grow. Only when you question the rules and test its bounds do you actually get to know why they were formed, how efficient they actually are and whether they always need to be followed. This doesn’t mean you go and question the bindings of each and every rule that the society has made for you! Of course, one needs to use his/her brain before thinking about flexing  (read breaking) the rules. After all, some rules are never meant to be broken!


As for thinking, it can be illustrated by one famous example (one which you may have heard of ) :

Try to join these Nine dots, enclosed within the square box, using just four lines, no more and no less, without lifting the pencil from the paper and without retracing the lines.



Do not look down for the soution just yet!

Cant solve it? Well, I guess that is your cue to continue scrolling down the page 🙂

Most of you will perhaps stop trying after a few attempts, having exhausted all possible way and still ending up at naught and complaining  that no solution exists. And yet, some of you may have thought of an indigeneous way and found a solution to the problems.

To the ones who couldnt solve it, no worries, you are not inferior to the ones who solved it, you just didnt think differently ;).

To the ones among you who solved it, a big hats-off! You decided to take the unconventional route and in the process solved it 🙂

The solution  is:Dots9ans.gif

For the ones who didnt solve it, are you feeling cheated?

Well, the problem never stated that you could not extend the line outside the box!

So, what limited you here?

It was your own thinking!

This, my dear friends, is the problem which gave rise to the very famous term of “thinking outside the box.”

We are humans and are only limited by what we think and how we think .Our life is what we make up of it. How we think an analyse situations. How we respond and work with the “rules” that govern us. Do we try to test its bounds, think and pave a way for ourselves and make a name for ourselves in this world?  Or do we feel happy to be the one who lives within limits and bounds and never truly having felt the exhilerating thrill of doing something differently?

The only and the best way to continuously grow as a human is to question all that exists around you and choose for yourself to decide how it affects you and to what extent you should follow them. You, my dear friend, have been given an intellect to reason anything and everything you do and it is your duty to use it in each and every situation .

Don’t follow something just because society deems it to be correct.

Always think and let you intellect make your choice for you!

And always remember:

The trouble with most people is
that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes
rather than with their minds.

Being positive, doing the right things and thinking the right things will produce the kind of behavior that is an example to all. It will be definitely be an encouragement to those around you and an example that they can follow. Watching your confident living will help those with negative tendencies to change the way they think. If it changes the course of their lives, even in a small way, trust me, you have done a great thing!